Our Success comes from building a responsible company who share the commitment of providing a pain free alternate.


I am in my late eighties with the typical pains that come with age. I use the lotion on my knees and I can now walk freely without pain, I love this product!! Raul Ballesteros, AZ.

I have suffered with neuropathy pain for years. I have been prescribed several different medications, with many side effects, to ease the pain. None of these medications were as affective as this topical lotion. Sacred Lotions is amazing with no side effects! Rhonda Kridler, CA.

I have played Tennis most of my life and now suffer from "Tennis Elbow". I have tried several over the counter pain relief ointments with terrible odor. This product not only works better on my pain but the lavender scent is lovely. Mona Simpson, CA.

Sacred Lotions are the best CBD Products I have tried. The CBD Lotion stops the pain in my arthritic wrist and thumb and it goes on easily with no greasy or waxy residue. Keith Laverty, AZ